Friday, December 31, 2010

Conservatives vs. liberals

I always hear about this person or famous person is conservative and this is liberal. Like in Hollywood, most of the actors presumably are liberals but on the other side the Fox News channel is conservative or the Republican Party is made up of mostly conservatives. I just believe that these labels are just made up and nobody is entirely conservative or entirely liberal. There are so many choices and issues in life that nobody can take a completely conservative or a completely liberal position on all of these positions. You can still be a conservative and take a liberal position on one issue and vice versa. For example I don’t believe that the conservative or liberals for that matter would allow guns to be near children.

Other thing is that your position on a certain issue can change overtime or even with change of status in your life. It is mostly assumed that parents are conservative in terms of how they want to raise their kids. Both the conservatives and liberals would agree that the kids should not consume alcohol, or drink and drive or stay out of the house late at night. Also I will assume that certain movies and Shows are not watched at all by both of them when the kids are awake. In terms of finances, whatever the conservatives say about the federal budget, I don’t believe they would agree to eliminate Medicaid, Medicare, and social security and on the other hand the liberals may not want to reduce the defense budget to bare bones or cut of funding to the military in time of war. So although it is easy to put labels on people but the labels is not that clear cut.

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