Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What not to cut in recession

This recession as brutal as it is to everybody has become a chainsaw in terms of what gets cut in terms of jobs. The chainsaw is being swing here and there without finding out what the impact will on the communities. I know that due the hay days, promises were made which cannot be fulfilled right now due to lower revenues coming into the coffers of municipalities and states. But who decides what to cut and what is not politically feasible not to cut. The current trend is to the law enforcement personnel. The most obvious one was the Newark cut of almost thirteen percent but other municipalities in New Jersey are cutting police personnel blaming everything on the economy without looking into creative ways to cut the budget.

I believe that the first order of business for a government is to protect its citizens. Who is going to invest in an environment where there is a deterioration of law and order due to less police personnel? According to me, the police personnel should not be let go in any circumstances especially in places where there is already a spike in crime like Newark, Camden, Jersey City, and Irvington etc. Money can always be found to keep these police personnel on the force. It is not a matter of budgetary constraints but the safety of the citizens and people feel more secure when they see more police presence not less.

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