Monday, December 13, 2010

The new airport security screening process

I remember the time, when there was such a big fuss about the new airport screening process and how it will make us naked in front of strangers, and how much radiation it is emitting and also the pat downs were so intrusive. But after much hue and cry, I don’t hear much about it anymore. There was also going to be a boycott of these rules, but nothing came out of it and now everybody is somewhat resigned to this fact that we are living in different times. I know that I will feel the same way as any other if somebody touches me or see myself naked on the X-ray machines, but do you have any other idea how to make passengers secure and are you going to not ever travel by air due to this procedure.

At least the new process is not racial profiling and every body is going through it, which is a good thing. But life is going on and I have not heard many people say that they will not fly altogether. It is sad that it has come to this but in order for us to be secure we will have to sacrifice our precious civil liberties and cooperate with the law enforcement personnel so that every body feels safe.

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