Thursday, December 9, 2010

Changing strategies for Job search

Since now I have a job, I would like to give how the job market has changed and how you have to change your strategies in your job search. From my experience it is just not enough to hit the send button on the internet to every job you think you are qualified for. I am not also in favor of going to the career and job fairs (you can see my articles on that in my previous posts). I think that going to a job fair is a waste of time (unless you want to show that you are really looking for a job). I have been to at least four of them, and none was useful. In fact I had to wait in line for an hour to go inside and then the jobs which really matter are the sales jobs. The real ones are you have to look on the company’s website.

You should at least have a presence of your resume on the internet, that way somebody may see it and call you (that is what happened to me as most of my phone calls came from people who viewed it). The best one of all is networking and knowing the right people in companies where the job opportunities are not advertised. If you have had temporary jobs before, try to keep in touch with those people as they are the ones who really know how you worked for them. Other is to market yourself any which way you can which includes going to your career center in your alma mater and doing something which may expose yourself to more people outside your circle. You just never know when somebody will call you from places where you would least expect it.

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