Friday, December 3, 2010

On the lighter side-Travel- Hague, New York

This past month I took my family to visit the Lake George area of Upstate New York. Although it was a cold 42 degrees, but we had already planned this vacation in advance since we did not got the chance to have a vacation in the summer months. It was almost four and half hours drive, but when we were going there, in between it was really dead like nobody was there to begin with. The town that we stayed in have a year round population of about 700 people on an area of about 80 square miles (about four times the size of Manhattan) so you can imagine how sparsely populated the area would be.

To begin with we had some stuff with us to eat and where we stayed it was a log cabin area with heat and hot water included but besides that there were logs to put in the fireplace so that was the fun part. The scenery of the lake and the mountains was right in front of us meaning we could have watched the sun rise and go down right through our window. It was a damp day and since we had driven such a long way, there was not much time to see anything except stay inside and light the fire and enjoy the log cabin.

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