Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the lighter side-Travel- Hague, New York-2

The second day we took some pictures of the lake and went to the local grocery store. Since we are from New Jersey where the local stores open 24 hours, we were surprised to find that the store closes at 5.30 P.M on weekdays and 3.00 P.M. on Sundays. Anyway since it was cold enough not to take a boat ride on the lake, we decided that we should at least drive to get the gas in the car. It was a scenic drive with very few people in between and after getting gas, we decided to explore our little (with people) town and it was really fun. The houses were too far apart to do trick or treat or any other neighborly activity and then we drove on the tracks on the local mountain and oh boy what a drive it was.

There were houses on these mountains where people like us would never think about making a house but to each his (or her) own. Anyway after that the trails were like a never ending road so we decided to come back down lest we find ourselves with no dirt road to drive on. After that we just stayed inside the cabin and watched TV and keep on put logs of wood in the fire place to keep the cabin a little bit warmer (we already had the heating on anyway). After that night time came and then we ate lunch and went to sleep.

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