Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Window shopping

Have you ever done Window shopping? I know most of us do and it feels good for a while but then you have to move on. Since most of this shopping you do when either you don’t have much money or are just killing time or even looking for the latest trends. Any way I believe that every body in every class status, indeed do window shopping. Window shopping is not only for the front of the store but you can go inside and check stuff and then realize you don’t have time or the money and then give a sigh of sadness and start imaging that if ever they have extra money they will definitely buy that stuff but mostly it does not happen and then it still remains a dream.

There is also a difference between how the genders do window shopping. Women look at the latest trend in clothes and accessories and children stuff, while men try to look for sports and their own clothes and the miscellaneous stuff they do together is for the home furnishings and home items. And whatever the economy, recession or roaring recovery, there is not a single time that people will stop window shopping, this you can be assured off.

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