Friday, December 3, 2010

Are boys really slow?

I keep on hearing that boys are slower than girls and I am in fact getting tired of hearing it all the time. What makes them slow that they are in fact on all the top corporations of the world? It is true that the girls mature early, but that does not prove that the boys take their own sweet time to grow, some boys grow mentally faster and they have more opportunities to explore as compared to girls. Maybe it can be also be true that they are still immature after marriage or there are so many shows on television depicting men as really dumber than girls. Even in horror movies, the last person standing is usually a girl, but it is a stereotype that is being created by the media and even some parents.

Once you take into account that boys indeed get matured later on, but it does not mean they are slower or more mentally backward. It is just nature and to suggest that boys can have a pass since they are the slower ones and they learn more slowly is to create an environment that reinforces this kind of stereotype and it is not healthy to the male species and it may ultimately harm their growth . As I still refuse to believe that boys are slower than girls.

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