Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The economy on my mind

If you have seen my posts on my blog, you would have noticed that I write mostly about the financial world and how the economy is affecting us all. It is because first I have masters in Finance and second I have always been fascinated by the economic and money matters. And also this recession has made us all aware that how the financial markets and economy affect us all even if we are not interested in it remotely. Now since I have tasted how unemployed feels like I feel a sort of affinity with them and hence I eagerly await the monthly unemployment report like all the economists and markets here and all around the world anxiously wait for.

Other things like the trade and budget deficit, tax matters and incentives given by the Federal Government to spur growth and the recent stimulus packages are also keenly looked by me to find out what the future will hold. Another thing is that I don’t only concentrate on the United States economy but also what is happening in Europe and also the fast developing Asian economies keep on attention. Apart from this I read most of the major newspaper (on website of course) to keep myself updated. So all in all the economy is a vast and fantastic world where anytime something interesting is happening that really affects our lives today and also in the future.

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