Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why do insurgents mostly win?-2

Even if you suspend the belief that the insurgents don’t get financial support voluntarily from the population, their biggest support is that they instill fear in the people of their nation. They can get the finances by kidnapping, robbing and stealing but with fear and intimidation it is far more lucrative to get voluntary forceful contribution from the population they are terrorizing. The innocent population which is caught in the middle of the insurgents and security forces are in a lose lose situation because both the parties view them with suspicion. And most of the time, the population quietly pay the money to the insurgents because they know that they will be killed or their family members will be killed if not paid. This is the not the case with the security forces as they have to play by the rules laid down by the state and they are their protect the population and not intimidate or terrorize them. But not all the insurgents have achieved their goal as you can see in Sri Lanka and also in Northern Ireland and Spain and Colombia and Peru. They can be a running nuisance for some but they are not major problems that the countries cannot deal alone. Some of the insurgents’ movements were defeated at the battlefield and some on the negotiation table. To sum up, fighting against the insurgents is difficult and not impossible as there are ways to mitigate their influence by various tactics some employed by governments and some for reasons best known to them or widely known not considered at all.

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