Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-8

Since the internet has become a popular tool all over the world and especially the social media where you can contact other people and know about their status updates twenty four hours a day, an effective monitoring of the internet and hence the social media along with emails should be monitored all the time. Although most of the people will see it as an intrusion of the government in their lives but when you are facing a bloody insurgency where the insurgents don’t much care about the laws and rules of the country and have utter disregard for human life, the government fighting them should not have its hand tied in dealing with them in any way possible and by any means necessary. I know human rights and laws should and must be considered by the government in order not be perceived on equal level as the insurgents but you cannot fight an insurgency with just being nice and worried about every little detail with innocent blood is flowing in the streets every day. Once the above measures are in place, you will nevertheless have to fight the insurgents with military power to defeat them. Once and if the negotiations fail or the insurgents are still carrying out their terrorists activities during the so called "cease-fire" period, you will need to confront them militarily without any discrimination or without any consideration of the loss of life on either side. But it does not mean that there should be killings of non combatants’ women and especially children. Although I do admit that in case of the military operation there will be casualties of women and children caught in the crossfire of both the insurgents and government forces.

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