Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Ukraine in Crisis-3

Things are folding rapidly in Ukraine right now and every thing is now uncertain. But now the whole world is watching what is going on in Ukraine and especially the countries which are not that favorite of the U.S., Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba. They are watching to see if the Russian go on with their excursion in Ukraine and how the West reacts to it with limited options at their disposal. But if Russia wins or loses this war of nerves, there will be consequences being that Russia will be less cooperative on many international issues and will do quite the opposite what the U.S. and the west wants them to do. One interesting thing that I read today is that there has not been any cyber attack on Ukraine from pro Russian forces and the analysis really made me start thinking that if somebody is equal or near equal to their opponent, nobody wants to blink first. The item I am referring to is that there has not be any big cyber attacks on Ukrainian assets by the Russians because the Ukrainian hackers are known to be the best in the world and if something does happen, they can hit them back as hard too. And this is a little known fact (although widely known in hacker circles) that most of the hacking is being done in Eastern Europe and if going head to head with a country whose citizens are widely known as fantastic computer experts will not do Russia any good and harm them equally. That was the culmination of the article that I read today and I said off course why not if your opponent is equally skilled at what you do then it will give you a pause before you do something stupid that will bite back to you big time. So stay tune for more news in this unfolding saga. Hope everything turns out fine with little or no bloodshed.

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