Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who decides who the “best” is?-2

Can somebody claiming to have the best stand up to the challenge of somebody else saying the same thing. And if you are writing that you have the best product, doesn’t some agency comes and scrutinizes that claim or say that you are doing false advertising unless your claim is proven true otherwise. I believe that the word "best" have been used so many times that it is now useless even to try to regulate or believe in it unless you eat at all the places where they say they have the best thing and then decide for yourself. I mean your best may not be my best and my best may not be your best in terms of taste, make of the product, location, etc. And this so called "best ness" so to speak goes on in sports and other events also. The most I have heard is about who has the best military in the world. Now this really becomes interesting for a change as patriotic and ultra nationalists people claim that theirs countries militaries (which includes the Army, Navy, Air force and in some cases Marines) have the best manpower, equipment, training capabilities, preparedness etc. And the countries sometimes also perpetuate this myth that their militaries are the best in the world so as to instill patriotism in their citizens. But how do you compare different militaries? Do you compare on their equipment or their preparedness, or their winning wars or just their training and not anything else. And yet you cannot compare Apples and oranges in the same breath.

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