Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-3

Once both the insurgents and the government team have decided what they will be talking about, then comes the part that what individuals should be constituted to negotiated for whose behalf. The government team is obviously the people from the ruling government and they should be free to appoint their own people and if the insurgents object to these people then they can be replaced but not without valid cause and not under any pressure public or private. Since the government must be talking with a point of strength there is no need to accept demands from the opposite side if they feel that the demands are unjust. The insurgents can constitute their own team but the team should have the approval from the government side also. And to emphasize, both teams should have the full authority to accept or reject any demands made by each parties. If they don’t have the authority to negotiate surrender or make peace then you may as well wrap up the whole drama and fight the war. The next comes where to have these negotiations (or surrender as I must say). A neutral site is a must and not what the government and the insurgents want is their favorite place. They may decide to come to terms with a secret location but the government should insist on a neutral location away from the glares of the media and cameras, if a neutral venue outside the country is not available then another secret location inside the country can be chosen as the negotiating site.

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