Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Diabetic epidemic-2

Although it is hard to maintain the discipline to exercise every day and eat a balanced diet but if you want to survive and live a normal life, you have no other choice. It is the individual's responsibility to take care of their own selves and not rely on other people to tell them what to do. This disease is so bad that juveniles and even infants are sometimes born with that disease. It is heart breaking to tell little kids to not to eat certain foods because they are just growing up and trying to fit in. They don’t understand much and it becomes a parent's nightmare that when they send these kids to school, they are always on edge and constantly worried about how their kids will complete their day without having a single episode of low or high blood sugar. Because despite all the knowledge out there regarding this disease, an ignorant or unaffected person will not understand. Nowadays without even a cure for diabetics, a huge industry has been born that caters to the diabetic population especially in advance countries with huge amount of information and products available for them in almost every store. Most of the grocery items have a sugar free version and the regular version. All sorts of stuff is now available in the market to make the life a diabetic as normal as possible. And since this disease is increasing and we don’t see any sign of it slowing down in the future, more and more information and research is going into it to find a cure for it.

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