Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keeping up with your appearances

You know what I am talking about but maybe you don’t know it is all about how you have to groom yourself to look good in front of others. I mean I see every day women dressing up and coming to work in full blown makeup and if during the day their makeup wears off they put in back on. If you have ever checked women’s handbag, you will always find different sorts of make up in it just to make sure that they are not caught short handed or not ready for some occasion. I am not saying that women should not do, they have every right to make themselves presentable if they think that they are not or think that what other people will think if they do not put makeup on. It is just that society have put so much pressure on them that if they don’t put their makeup on they would feel less of themselves as beautiful. And if I am not wrong, you don’t see men carrying shaving creams and razors or even cologne with them wherever they go. They just put on their suits and comb their hair and away they go. Sometimes they can even go without saving and still look good but if the women don’t do that they are judged harshly even if the people don’t say anything. I know that this double standard is not going to stop no matter what but the women should be less pressurized to look glamorous with their make ups on and if they don’t put up on they should not feel any less beautiful next to the woman with full makeup.

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