Sunday, March 23, 2014

The myth and reality

For centuries there have been myth perpetuated by ignorance, nuisance effect or just superstitious which may have nothing to do with reality and only to do with what humans cannot understand or understand on a limited basis. And most of the myths even if they are resolved beyond doubt still cast a shadow over some people and it perpetuates and endures longer than necessary. And besides all the things about the big foot, the lockness monster and Elvis, Bruce Lee being alive and President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and scores of others who died or were killed very early in their lives, there are some medical things that keep on going on. I know that it is usually applied generally but the insistence that sometimes comes with it suggests otherwise. It is just like you having to do this or that and your life or your lifestyle is at stake if you don’t. An example that I can give you is the increasing insistence that one should drink eight glasses of water each day. I understand that water is essential to human beings as it quenches your thirst and clears your skin but to keep on insistence and watching people religiously following it perplexes me. I drink like two glasses per day and it suits me completely and I have no problem in that, I don’t know if my body agrees with me taking only so much water as compared to the "recommended" eight glasses but for now I my body does agree with my taking only two glasses.

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