Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Diabetic epidemic-3

You have to keep on monitoring the level of sugar you have in your blood so as know how much and what kind of food you want to eat. Usually the number ranges from 80-120 mg/dl for a normal person but diabetic have usually low and high numbers. A low number means you can go into a diabetic coma but the high one is not necessarily good either. Long time ago the only way to monitor your blood sugar level was to go to a doctor and get tested once in a while but with the rise of the glucose monitors, now every diabetic can do it on their own not once but several times a day if necessary and adjust their diet accordingly. A balanced diet of fruit and vegetables along with low calorie and less salty and sugary diet should be included daily in one's food intake along with a half hour exercise regimen. As I am not a doctor but a person who have history of diabetes in his family and knows full well how devastating this disease can be for not only the person involved but for the whole family, so if one has diabetes or found out that he has one then he/she should consult his/her physician to find out what is the best course for him/her to take in terms of what to eat and dieting so as to control his sugar level every day. And since this epidemic is spreading in new areas and in people previously untouched by it due to unhealthy lifestyle, it is time one should be vigilant and take precautions about their diet lest you become afflicted with it down the road.

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