Sunday, March 23, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist Organization?

Recently the Egyptian based organization was branded a terrorist organization by the regime there followed by the Saudi Arabian declaration also. This means any assistance of monetary help and any association with that organization will be treated as help a terrorist organization. How times have changed in a few years, from being a ruler in Egypt and now being a terrorist organization in the home country along with Saudi Arabia (and I believe other small Arab countries of the Middle East to follow). Although Muslim Brotherhood (MB for short) came to power after the ouster of the former President of Egypt, they were ill equipped to handle their transition to power from a grass root organization. People had a lot of hope from them to solve their problems and were expecting that since they have been clamoring to establish their own government, they had already done their homework on how to handle the affairs of the state. I wrote about MB not to long ago but this time after being branded a terrorist organization, nobody has bothered to reflect upon why they failed in the first place. What were their shortcomings and why they came to underestimate the problems that the Egyptians faced despite their massive social services network and why they were feared by other Arab states? Some would say that Islam and Politics or specifically religion and politics cannot exist side by side and Political Islam is a failed experiment. But I believe that it is the failure of the individual that is the culprit in this case and not the co existence of religion and Politics. If an individual does not let power go to his head and he/she behaves the same way as if they are outside the government and do their homework and are on their feet all the time serving their people honestly, I don’t see any reason that religion and politics cannot exist side by side be it Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or any other religion for that matter.

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