Sunday, March 23, 2014

The myth and reality-2

I know I am not being a good person by only drinking two glasses each day and I don’t recommend it for other people but for me two or maybe three is sufficient to sustain myself for now. Maybe in the later years of life I may drink more. Another myth that is being perpetuated (sometimes with evidence but also generalized) is that of how many hours one need to sleep. Everybody knows that babies and younger kids more sleep than adults and as you get older you need less sleep or could not sleep due to various reasons (like insomnia, financial worries, work stress, exams etc). But here the controversy starts to brew when the right number of hours gets discussed. Experts say that we should all get at least 8 hours of sleep every day to function and make us feel fresh for a full days work. But I will again disagree on this as I function with less than eight hours (although I admit that I sometimes yawn throughout the day). Sometimes I sleep 10 or more hours since I have not had enough sleep the day before. But what is considered enough sleep can vary from individual to individual. Doctors sometimes function less than eight hours and are fine and some people need eight hours of sleep to function properly. I mean nobody knows my body requirements well as I do and I alone can decide what enough sleep is for me. And the sleep crisis that the experts say in the U.S. can involve other factors than just enough sleep.

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