Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stages in life-2

So what stage you stop calling a child a baby because your baby will always remain a baby in your eyes even if they are 40 or 50 years old. And believe me I have heard people say to their grown up and middle aged daughter and sons baby from time to time since it becomes a habit from the start of their birth and they will always remain one in their parent's eyes. But you really don’t call a 10 or even 9 or 8 year old person a baby since they would have by now know that what is wrong and what is right. We usually call a human being a baby until a time when they start to distinguish between good or bad and I can say that usually that time is from the day they are born to around six years of age. After this age it becomes hard to justify calling them babies because they can do most if not all of the tasks they can do without depending upon their parents on everything. Usually pre teen people say is between eleven and less than thirteen but it should not be called pre teen as they are anybody below the teen threshold is technically a child. And why do we have to call a person a teenager when they are again in the eyes of the law a minor. We are so desperate to categorize everything that if they are not then we don’t know how to characterize them. Now the age after eighteen is called adulthood and you are called adult but you are young.

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