Sunday, March 9, 2014

The complicated human relationships

Human beings are complicated and that goes with all their relationships that they have during their lifetime. And the level of complications varies with whom you have relationships. It is different with your parents, siblings, spouse, neighbors, co workers, grand kids, your in laws, your friends even with your favorite store where you shop for many years, your teachers, your relatives and list goes on and on. You try to do your best to maintain cordial relationships with all of them but circumstances and other misunderstandings can either derail your effort or make permanent enemy out of them. You should not give up because if it is your fault, you should have the courage to say that you are sorry for what you did or happened but if the other party seems to you is guilty than you should again be strong enough to show that person the light of his mistakes or if still unconvinced be the bigger person and accept your part too so that you don’t lose a crucial relationship to sometimes frivolous arguments and mistakes. Although I am not going to say which relationship is the most difficult as it depends on each individual and also it changes over time and there are some relationships which even if you are estranged from that person you cannot just walk away from it since it is your blood relative but in my experience the most difficult one is the husband and wife relationship or if you are married or even if you have girlfriend or boyfriend.

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