Sunday, March 23, 2014

The myth and reality-3

The same myth is perpetuated for taking vitamins and then aspirins at one time and at another time to abstain from it or nothing happens. These myths are all created in the minds of people who don’t have the time or the expertise to research the reasons being creating a myth. Sometimes the myth are created because people refuse the believe the truth and say that it is all part of the conspiracy hatched by some government entity so that the people holding the myth will not be able to see the truth they want to see their way. Same logic goes with the legends or myths of Big Foot and the lockness monster. Some person long time ago saw something in the dark or some image that he/she could not comprehend or understand and decided to give it a name based on the area where they were located or based on his/her idea of what that things should be vaguely and so the myth was born. We don’t have to believe in any myths if we know that we can research more information behind the myth and find the reality. But that does not mean that we should following it blindly also. And I am sure every country have their own myths which clash with reality. Myths will keep on creating since human beings when they don’t understand something like the Alien abductions will create something in their minds which is easily understandable and then it spreads to like minded people and it will never go away even if the myths gets destroyed by reason.

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