Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Baluchistan Question-3

And this time it looks like this low level insurgency has legs as it has been complemented by target killings, sectarian killings and all sort of crimes known to mankind. But the main problem is the apathy or indifference of the largest province Punjab (population: More than 100 million) that has made this province such an interesting place for foreign powers. Although to be fair most of the poor people are so involved in their daily lives in Punjab that they are not even concerned with what is happening in this important part of the country. But it is the elite who have been wrecking havoc with the province resources. It is a very resource and mineral rich area that has been exploited for a long time and still being done so in the name of the overall general well being of the country. But these resources are not being utilized properly in that province. All the civilian governments that have come and gone do not want to take much interest since it is the military who hold all the cards (despite the denials). They are the true rulers and some people point a finger towards them for supporting sectarian violence to have an excuse for their presence there. I have no evidence or otherwise to support or contradict this accusation. But apart from this the civilian government in the federal capital is too weak or does not even care (despite all their rhetoric) that something is even going on in there. They all refer to this low level separatist movement as being conducted by foreign powers and by some local people who are playing in the hands of their masters.

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