Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Baluchistan Question

I am back with another article about the insurgency hit nuclear Powered Pakistan. And this time it is about a serious topic which people in Pakistan are not taking seriously as it is remote from their conscious and from the media glare. You see Pakistan has four provinces, Sindh, Baluchistan, North West Frontier Province (now called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Punjab. Out of the four Baluchistan is the biggest one with the least population and it is one of the provinces with active low level insurgency going off and on since it was part of Pakistan from 1948 but now a days it is more like active insurgency for the last many years. It is also the most neglected and exploited area of the country and the other parts of the country don’t either not care or are unaware of it. The only view or narration they here is from the government and you know how that works, only the news deemed acceptable is to be presented to the public and nothing negative should get out. My point in stating all these facts is that recently one of the congressmen from the U.S. suggested that since the U.S. is having such difficulty in Afghanistan, they should support the independence of Baluchistan from Pakistan so that they may have a willing ally there and give the U.S. massive amount of support. Although it was rejected outright by the U.S. that the U.S. administration respects the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan, there are still voices out there who want to support its independence.

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