Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-9

So what form of military force is necessary to fight the insurgents? You can either use large military force including the army and the air force and sometimes the navy but it is really not that necessary to use this large forces. Although in some cases you would have to use overwhelming and disproportionate amount of military power to overcome the insurgency. You can use highly specialized commando units to infiltrate the enemy territory and flush out the insurgents with minimal casualties. This way you know what target you are hitting. But the insurgents are not going to invite you or pinpoint where they are located or hiding and it is at this juncture that you need good ground and air intelligence support in order to know where to find them. The latest weapon in the war today is the Drones, the unmanned aircraft which can fly fairly above and pinpoint the location so that you can find your target easily. There have been quite a few advanced in the drones technology. There are already two types of drones used by some militaries, the unarmed and the armed one. The unarmed one are used for reconnaissance and the armed one which is used to fire on the target. The unarmed drones can be used to locate the enemy and this information communicated to the soldiers on the ground and then they can hit their target without incurring much civilian casualties. But sometimes the terrain where these insurgents hide are not that accessible for soldiers or the drones to locate them and in that case you will have to rely on ground intelligence.

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