Sunday, March 9, 2014

The complicated human relationships-4

I know that some people might not care about which side of the parents their kids may want to follow the religion. But for some individuals it is important to them to raise their kids the way they were raised (for better or for worse) but no parent wish bad for their kids and so this religious upbringing has to be the most talked about and fought over in a family. And religious tension is just one of the battles that you have to fight in a marriage. Others ones I can name is going on vacation, spending money on certain things, financial issues, where to buy a house and all the decision that a supposedly married couple has to do together. I believe that apart from kids factor, this thing happens when you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend and even with a kid in between they still argue and fight and although they are committed but believe me it is not the same as getting married (I know there will be people who will protest this statement but it is my opinion and everybody is entitled to it). This is just one aspect of the complicated relationships that human beings are involved in. There are other less difficult relationships that you are involved in like if you are parent your relationship with your kids when they are little and when the grow up to think about themselves is not less complicated. And then you have relationships sometimes cordial sometimes not with your sibling which is commonly called sibling rivalry. And this rivalry sometimes destroys families for many years to come and with it the relationships between your kids and their cousins also suffers.

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