Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-6

I know that in the war against insurgency, privacy will be trampled and innocent people will be caught up in the war. But that is the price we have to pay in order to secure our cities and countries. One of the other things is better intelligence gathering and sharing. There is no need to jealously guard your sources of what is going to happen from other intelligence agencies as all have to work together to secure and win the war. You know that an insurgency can never be sustained unless helped from sympathetic individuals who are backing their cause for whatever reason. So all kind of charities and fund raising should be monitored to make sure that they are not contributing to terrorist causes. Other thing is that if you know that is person is a known killer, why not put him/her behind bars or investigate him/her further or at least put him/her on surveillance so that you can track his/her activities. Keeping track of religious institutes of learning (also called Madrassas in Muslim countries where insurgencies are the strongest and the state weakest) should also be a priority for a successful counter insurgency campaign. Although not all the Madrassas are hot bed for militancy but the one that are they are creating a bad name for everybody and it affects how to perceive the students and teachers there. Although religious education is a must in an Islamic society but hatred and bigotry is not and that is what some of the Madrassas with their half baked teachers teach their students.

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