Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Diabetic epidemic

Diabetes is a debilitating and life threatening disease if not checked properly. It is a disease characterized by high blood sugar content against low insulin produced by the body. It can be either pill dependent meaning people can take control of the diabetes just by taking pills and controlling their diet or they can inject insulin every day in their bodies to counter the high blood sugar that their bodies produce. It is not only the high blood sugar that is dangerous but the lower blood sugar levels is sometimes doctors describe as more dangerous. I am talking about it since I have my whole family under this disease since I was born and even before that. And new statistics keeps on coming out that states that it is increasing everywhere but more in Asia as they eat more and exercise less especially in the rich countries of the Middle East. Most of the Diabetic is due to genetic and hereditary but there have been many instances where the people without any of these pre existing conditions have contracted these diseases due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Since once you have contracted these diseases, there is no known cure yet available to avoid it in the first place. If one or two of your parents have this disease, your likelihood of getting too increases exponentially unless you counter it by adopting good eating habits and exercise regularly. The only evidence to do that is self control and hold on to those temptations like being lazy and eating healthy food.

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