Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Ukraine in Crisis

By now I am pretty sure everybody knows what is going on in Ukraine, the former republic of the former Soviet Union. Essentially it was that the President wanted either his country to join European Union or go with the Russians and when the Russians gave an aid package, he went with them and that is when the pro European Union people started staging protests and ultimately the President fled somewhere and the parliament installed another President and that is when all the next stage of the trouble started. The Russian after waiting for a while have invaded literally their former enclave of Crimea home of the majority of ethnic Russians. And the Russians troops are there seemingly for a while for all this mess to sort up. To be fair, Crimea was given to Ukraine by the former Soviet Union that is why it still has big numbers of Russians there. There are no easy solutions in this crisis. The United States although threatening economic sanctions does not have much leeway in this matter. Russia is not a small country to deal with. It is still one of the most powerful countries in the world with a nuclear stockpile equal or near equal to the United States and natural resources which surpass the U.S. overwhelmingly (due to being the biggest country on the planet by area size). It also has its area of influence and have veto power in the United Nations to block any initiative in the cases with Syria and Iran.

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