Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Baluchistan Question-4

So for a moment let us assume that some disgruntled Baluchis (the people born there are called) have joined the separatist movement and are playing in the hands of the masters. Now what are you going to do about it? Are you going to eliminate them but killing everybody who opposes the rule from the capital or are you going to initiate a dialogue and address their grievances. The talks are being held with the wrong people as some of parties involved in the insurgency are not interested anymore in staying within the federation of Pakistan. I maybe wrong about it but I believe that some of the groups fighting the Pakistani government have abandoned any hope of staying within Pakistan. Although some of the Baluchis may still cling to hope that they will be given their rights but the separatists’ narrative is being won over slowly and steadily. It is the wrong policies of all the governments at the provincial level and on the Federal level that has made Baluchistan such a hot topic nationally (to a lesser extent) and internationally (to a larger extent) and the Punjabi populace is still in denial mode that nothing is wrong in that province and buying into the government narrative of handful of misguided people terrorizing the population. And it is that apathy that can be witnessed all over the country. Even with the Baluchistan question being increasingly highlighted through the country and internationally, the government and the powers to be does not seem to care that much about that province and life goes on for them. But the more the insurgency is subdued with violence, the more it will claim adherents so it is better for the government in Pakistan to stop issuing statements and do something about it by action.

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