Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-5

Hopefully the negotiation will come to a successful conclusion and the terms of the surrender will be done quickly. If there is a deadlock on some minor issues, then it can be resolved amicably without any delay but if there is a major one then there can be a little back and forth as both sides will have to show some flexibility in their negotiations. And if the talks breakdown, you can try to resurrect it but once the resolve is gone or some attacks happen then it is time to separate between the people who want peace and who don’t. And once you have done that then you should go wholeheartedly into an operation on multiple front not just military operations alone. You will have to go after every person or entity that is sympathetic to their cause as they are the ones who provide them with financial and material support during the insurgency. This is the most important thing in the fight against insurgencies, go after the source of the financing. Who is financially supporting them and who is supporting them by providing them shelter and other kinds of material support to sustain them in their insurgency. Every mode of financing should be thoroughly checked to see whether the funds are going to the place they are intended too and there is no terror related funding involved. It is the United States does in vetting out funds and make sure that there are designated individuals and entities that are terror related. Every nation should develop this sort of list to stop terrorist financing

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