Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's talk about death-2

If you have seen the movie series Final Destination you will understand what I mean. If you have not seen any of the five movies, here is the plot: some teenager enjoying life are hit by a freak and gruesome accident and in it one of the teens is brutally killed by something unknown. Initially it was just regarded as a freak accident but when the teens keep on getting killed, it dawns on someone that death itself is after them. Here nobody believes this person until they are start to piece together the clues and start devising plans to escape death's clutches. And the remaining person in the movie goes on to the next one and then the story reboots again. Every time they try to escape death they fail no matter it is earlier or later and that is my point here. No matter how hard you try, your death is just a moment away and people sometimes forget this basic thing in life. How many of people out there would feel really uncomfortable if we talk about death in front of them. It is according to me the mother of all taboos (besides religion) that nobody in their serious mind would want to talk about it. I am in the same league because I have experienced near death situation when I almost drowned twice. You can be ready for anything in life but death is one that you are never ready but one should be ready for it anytime and at any moment. It does not wait for anybody.

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