Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Baluchistan Question-2

But this does not mean that it can be said for the future. Although I am all for the integrity of Pakistan as it is better to deal with one nuclear entity rather than four but not all the people share my view. And due to the wrong policies of the government in Pakistan, it seems that despite all the efforts (with the military effectively in control of the province) the insurgency to separate the province is slowly gaining momentum. The mainstream media and the government keep on blaming outside forces (namely India and sometimes the U.S.) for supporting the separatist movement (with no evidence yet to be presented to the public after many years) but to put all the blame on other factors looks like an easy way to absolve oneself of the neglect and violence being done in that province. The security apparatus does not seem to care much about what is happening there as with massive number of personnel, bombs and killings keep on going unabated. Baluchistan is also very resource and mineral rich area and most of the gas used in the country is extracted in this province and that is why a potent weapon in the hands of the separatists is to blow them up from time to time in order to disrupt the flow of gas to other provinces and to inflict economic damage to the country. No government has been serious enough to look at the problems facing that province and each side blame the other for the backwardness of the province. It is also the province where the atomic explosions took place in 1998.

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