Sunday, March 2, 2014

The ritual of evaluation

I know that for most people, evaluation time is almost done or finished and they are readying up either to get their bonuses or have received one based on their yearly evaluation. Most of the corporations do their yearly evaluation but now to keep their employees on edge some have started to do semi annually. I don’t know what will have happen in that short period of time that they had to do that kind of procedure but I don’t buy this evaluation process. If you are evaluation is just for evaluation sake and nothing concrete comes out of it like a higher raise or bonus then what good is that evaluation. And if you see that many people are getting either no raises or no bonus and still the evaluation goes on. Maybe the management wants to highlights your shortcomings but you already know what kind of it is but since you don’t have any incentive to improve it you are just doing the barest minimum only not to get laid off. In some companies they may have evaluation but have already decided before hand how much to give each employee based on their budget and the evaluation process is just a charade so as to tell the employees that they are being fair. But how would you know that since the employee compensation is treated like a top secret national security issue that is not revealed to all employees. So it is my humble opinion this annual (or semiannual) ritual should be done away with and just have an open discussion of what the employees and the employers feel about each other so there are no ill feelings and everything is out in the open.

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