Sunday, March 9, 2014

The complicated human relationships-5

Sibling relationships are very complicated even when you are living under your parent's roof as the sharing of items and other privacy issues crop up. And with this relationship you just can't walk away from it as they are your blood relatives. You can be angry and estranged but for how long? Other relationships can endure very long even with no blood relationship is involved like between friends. You can make many friends but it is that only one or two of your friends are true to you throughout your life and you many fight with them and become angry with them from time to time but they are sometimes also their most important confidant to whom you reveal your secrets and your anxieties of life even your parents or siblings may not know. Then there is the relationship that you develop when you move into a new neighborhood and you meet your neighbors. If you have a good neighbor, it is a blessing because they help you in case of need and also you develop a solid relationship with them that can last even if you move out of that neighborhood. But if the neighbor is a pain for you then you can either reply them in the same coin or ignore them completely or just move out (not that easy). I choose the path or ignore because you cannot reason with a bad neighbor and if you are of a different ethnicity than you should definitely ignore that neighbor for good.

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