Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stages in life-3

Now it becomes a little muddled as who defines who is young and not. We have all sort of agreed that being young starts from eighteen years or so but where the young does age ends and old age descends, this is a little bit tricky and depends upon whom you are asking. If you are very sick and near sixty or so, you will be considered young, but for employment and social security and Medicare and Medicaid you will be considered old enough to qualify. If you are around 40 and a woman you will be considered old to have a child and be considered old in other issues but the men even if they are old are not considered as such until they reach seventy or so. So there is clearly a disconnect between the age people should be called young and the threshold level that people enter old age. And you know old age is when you are again dependent on other people to do your stuff but this does not mean that you are not old if you are seventy or more. You will be considered old no matter what once you read a certain age and that is the whole point I am making now is essentially at the end there are only three stages of life being a child, being young and being old, all the other ones are just to make it easy for people to break down the three mentioned earlier into easy categories and to assign particular attributes to it.

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