Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who decides who the “best” is?-3

I mean you cannot compare the Egyptian Military with the Israeli one and the Pakistani with the Indian One or the Chinese with the Russians or the Americans. Why can't you compare them because every nation mentioned seems to think that their militaries are the best trained and equipped to defeat enemies, never mind the fact that some of the militaries have only lost wars and never won one and still they are considered the best in the world by their citizens? Why is that, it is because there is no comparison between militaries in the true sense and nobody wants to see a war where each military is at the throat of another in world destructive competition. It is just a subjective matter and sometimes very emotional that people decide that their sports team, favorite food store or place or even their military is the best without even comparing under which criteria they are the best. So if you see some place of eating or any other place which advertises itself as being the best in town or even the sports teams or companies, you should view it with suspicion because being the best does not mean that they are truly the best but only that at a certain point in time, they were described by some magazine or some expert as being the best place or product, company, team but to maintain it every year is very hard as the term keeps on changing hands sometimes subjectively and sometimes seriously (only for the establishment claiming to be one).

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