Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-7

The role of the charitable organizations especially in Islamic countries cannot be ruled out. Although charity is considered sacred in many cultures and religions and people feel good about it but some charities funnel funds to so call Islamic people who then finance their activities and attack other Muslim minorities and terrorist activities. These must be checked no matter how pious a person is because you never know what kind of piousness he/she inherits and what kind of charity he/she is giving money too. If you want to secure your country, check to see if the charity is legitimate and the funds it has raised is going to the right cause of helping people and not terrorizing them. Another way to monitor and fight the insurgency is to monitor the phone and internet activities of suspects and their supporters. I know once again the privacy issues come into place but if you want to be secured you will have no other choice. Either it’s your life or your privacy rights. Monitoring your borders and also the imports and exports cargo is another way to defeat an insurgency and selective raids from time to time to criminals’ even small ones who may or may not give a clue to the activities of terrorists should also be included here. All of these activities should go together and it should be conducted without any regard to any pressure or influence. And it really involves a sincere and honest government who feel for their people and who are honest about securing their country.

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