Sunday, March 9, 2014

The complicated human relationships-2

You know being in relationship with a girl or married is the most difficult one to handle. I mean when you are happy or supposedly in love you don’t see anything coming and you believe that loves conquers all. But when you are actually settled down in your relationship then the trouble starts as the likes and dislikes and habits and annoyances creep up steadily. Since you are living with a person whom you thought that you are in love with starts to show their true colors and feel relaxed in their relationships, you see yourself compromising in more ways than one. When you start your relationship, you are on your best behavior and try to impress the opposite person and when you have done it and are in steady relationship then there is no incentive to be on your best behavior since you are already committed to one another. But in this boyfriend/girlfriend relationship if you are not happy with each other or "not in love" you have the option to get out by breaking up (but if you have child even breaking up does not help as you will be one of the parents of that child and you are linked to your ex in one way or the other). And if after all this relationship, you take the next step by getting married then you are in a completely different territory. As with all risks, this risks is also unforeseen as you don’t know how your life will shape up to be once you are in a committed married relationship.

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