Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's talk about death

This article will make everybody uncomfortable and that is what I called equal opportunity uncomfortableness. I will not talk about a man's salary which makes them uncomfortable and it is a taboo in the real world and I will not talk about the woman's age which clearly makes them uncomfortable. It is the most uncomfortable of topics ever and it is called Death. Everybody celebrates life, when a baby is born we all feel happy, we celebrate their birthdays and see them grow. We also celebrate life when some tragedy befalls on somebody and we find some life after losing so many people. It is just human nature that we all like to love life and we want to enjoy it to the fullest until that dreadful day when we are no longer in this world. And that dreadful day does not mean that you have to wait for a certain time before you reach that level when you have fulfilled all your wishes and have seen your kids and grandkids grown up. Despite all the hype about fate, it is your death (which is part of your fate) that stops all your desires, wants and wishes right in its tracks. You can make all the plans in the world and build all the houses and earn as much money as possible but your life is so precarious that you don’t know if you are going to survive the next moment. I don’t want to sound rude or harsh but that is the reality.

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