Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's talk about death-4

Besides the usual taking care of where you want to be buried, buying your own spot in that area of choice, making a will and if you really want to buried or just cremated, you need to make your character as better as possible. What do I mean by that, I mean your behavior should be commendable with other people, helping them, not committing sins? I may sound a little bit preachy here as I have no right to tell people what their characters should as it is all internalized but you don’t want people to remember you by a bad name. Now people will say that if they are not in this world how would they know they are being remembered with a good name or bad. Well if you have kids or extended family, people will talk about you and will say such and such things if you made good or bad choices in your life. And I believe everybody in their heart wants to be remembered by a good name that is why you see so many people work hard to create a legacy which will last beyond them and pass it on to their next generation. And if you are not in this world, your name will still resonate with your kids and grandkids and your extended family. Even if you are alone in this world, you don’t want your name to be remembered in bad terms. Death is not something that you should take it lightly as it is the end of your term in this world and even if you don’t believe in the hereafter (another topic) you never know what is going to come after life ends here. Better to be prepared than sorry or have regrets later on because there is no correction or remedy afterwards.

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