Sunday, March 9, 2014

The complicated human relationships-6

The relationship between a teacher and a student is also enduring provided there is no resentment later on between them. Another relationship that you may or may not develop is between your favorite store and yourself. This may take a couple of years of constantly buying stuff from them every time you need one. If it is big store then it may take a bit longer as the employees change and you don’t know the owner directly because he/she may be located outside of your residential area or there can be multiple layers of ownership in between. But you can always cultivate your relationship with one or two employees who may then give you discounts and exclusive deals with their connections in the corporate office. But if you happen to go to your neighborhood store where the owner is working alongside their employees then you can get exclusive discounts and other goodies right there from the owner. Doctor and patient relationship is also one of those that can last for many years. And this usually happens that people become comfortable with their doctors and even if the people move to another place or the doctor relocate to another place, the relationship is still there because you know the doctor well and the doctor knows your symptoms, habits and your diseases. All of these relationships are manageable if you are patient and the other party reciprocates it the same way. Complications arise when your negative emotions take over and you lose sight of the bigger benefits in a relationship.

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