Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's talk about death-3

Death is like unstoppable and it has been happening since the beginning of time. And it is not only human beings but anything living and breathing suffers this phenomenon, plants, animals and humans are all in this together. Death is the only chain that links us with all the creatures. No matter how to slice it, one day everybody has to die, some will die earlier and some will die later but everybody will die eventually and to prepare for death we need to not involve in any kind of sin but if we do we make sure that we ask for forgiveness as life will not accord you one. Each day that we are living makes us come closer to our journey back home. And don’t think that when we say about other person dying like it is just for regret or condolences. Death is very painful and relenting and once you die there is no way you will be able to come back. You think that you may have escaped death sometimes but it is just not your time to die because when it is your time to die nothing will stop it from coming. And you never know where and at what time and what kind of situation you will find yourself in when you die. You may plan all you want and promise someone anything in the future but all your plans will get disrupted if you meet your end. How do you prepare for your demise is not that easy but you can make sure some things you should do and that they are in order in case of your death.

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