Sunday, March 23, 2014

The fight of the Arabs

Recently the Arab countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors from another Arab country Qatar whom they are now accusing of meddling in their affairs. To be clear these are all middle eastern Sunni states who are accusing another Sunni Arab states for supporting so called " terrorist activities" to put it very mildly in their countries. What do I mean by "terrorist activities", it is the support of the Qatari government of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and sometimes also of Iran but mainly it is the Muslim Brotherhood support that is being bothersome for these countries who have recalled their ambassadors. As you know Muslim brotherhood has recently been called a terrorist organization in its home country and in Saudi Arabia and Qatar was one of the biggest supporters of them during their brief stint at power in Egypt. These Arab countries are all autocratic and were ill at ease when Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt and have supported the military regime in Egypt who overthrew them later on and so there are not that happy that Qatar is supporting the Muslim brotherhood and also having ties with their so called "Enemy" Iran. But it is very strange that being on the same page with same ethnicity and cultural and religious (I will sectarian) bond have not stopped these countries to accuse another one of being involved in destabilizing their countries. It just shows that even when you are all related by blood you will look after your own interest and will undercut anybody who tread on your turf.

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