Sunday, March 9, 2014

The complicated human relationships-3

Married life is already very complicated with juggling compromises and different habits and when the kids show up in the equation, it becomes even more complicated. Now don’t get me wrong. I love kids, they are the best thing right besides your parents and you would do anything for them but right now I am talking about relationship between two individuals in a committed married relationship. Once the kids are born, another clash is setup regarding how to raise, spend money on them, who will do what chores and what not. And if both the husband and wife are from the same culture and religion then the kids raising issues does not come that much as you can disagree on what they do in their spare time, who will do what with their play time, homework and other things. But if both the partners in a marriage have different cultures and religion than it becomes difficult if not impossible to take manage your relationship when it comes to marriage. Although if you read some of the scriptures, they emphasize truth, justice, moral integrity and all the things which make a good human beings but the way it is interpreted religious is sometimes fundamentally different and here comes the clash between two religions. And even if one party is the stronger one to prevail in the debate of raising your kids in one religion, the fight is going to be very nasty and there will never be any clear winner as both parties can stick to their guns and don’t budge even if one side feels they have won the battle.

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