Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can you defeat an insurgency?-10

Even in this age of technology there is no substitute for good ground intelligence and it is this that can save their lives. These Special Forces should be given the task to hunt down and either captures (for information) and if not possible kill the insurgents without any recriminations on the part of some lopsided lawmakers who may have sympathies with the insurgent. The Special Forces should be trained in all kinds of warfare including counter insurgency, guerilla and urban warfare and be ready to fight and die in the line of duty just like the insurgents who are ready to kill or be killed for their ideology. This counter insurgency is to be waged not only on the insurgency's home turf but to make sure there are no remnants of them in the cities and towns should be waged against their rank and file and their sympathizers. Although I can keep on going but for the sake of secrecy of military operations and also the soldiers on the ground have a better much idea than what I may have to say further, I will just say that at first you can negotiate with the insurgents but if you are unsuccessful then an all out strategy be chalked out in which all the intelligence agencies and military and civilian commanders should be given a detailed briefly about the operations to be conducted against the enemies of the state. And the operations should be conducted in all parts of the country and with utmost secrecy so as not to give any chance for escape or other plans by the insurgents to strike back. This is my brief analysis of what should be done at the least to defeat any insurgency. I have other ideas but as I said secrecy is the key and these ideas could be put in once you are actually in the theater of combat.

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