Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Game of Soccer-2

The main problem with the game is that in the United States there is lack of sponsorship to go with this game. If there is sponsorship I can imagine that we would also have major events staged in the U.S. and major channels carrying these games throughout the year. As this game can be played outdoors and in doors all year long and there is so much talent when the kids are growing up in this game backed by the so called "Soccer Moms" that I am not doubt that we can at least win some championships along the way. Another thing I don’t understand is that the game is played with simple rules and you do a lot of running which is good for everybody and still very few people are interested in promoting this game. And when the whole world is watching and rooting for their respective teams in the World Cup, eerily the United States seems disinterested in the game. The things lacking is that the parents have not been raised on this simple game and there is no money to be made on it by the players. There needs to a whole transformation of culture and attitude towards playing soccer as we have the talent and the resources but not the interest there by private sponsors. And if we can have interested sponsors I am sure the kids who have abandoned this game during their teens and don’t want to play either football or basketball or baseball, they will come roaring in back because of the money and simplicity and exposure they will get playing it.

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