Monday, April 22, 2013

Where did all the aid go?

This is I am referring to about the foreign aid that we dole out every year to several countries for various reasons. Sometimes we give because we have to help that country get on its feet and sometimes we give because the intended country is strategically important for the U.S. and sometimes we want to get something out of that country. Mostly we give because we want to retain some kind of influence on those country policies. But it has been rare lately that the aid we give to other countries have been utilized for the benefits of their citizens. But not all aid has been utilized efficiently and the condition of the countries where that aid has ended is in no better shape than it was before when there was no aid. Why that is with all our somewhat good intentions, most of the countries receiving aid have their citizens still in poverty. Mostly according to my opinion, the governments of the receipt countries have not be particularly honest about where the money is going and we have not been insisting on micro managing their economies. And most of the countries insist that the aid should be given to the governments directly and they will see to it that how it is to be utilized and therein lies the corruption aspect of aid. As everybody knows that money corrupts and if it is free money (?) then the countries can utilize it to benefits their own near and dear or bribe people into following their policies.

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