Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just do it!

Have you ever heard of this expression? I have before but lately the people who have become successful enough via their entrepreneurial skill have been increasingly using this phrase to describe how they just went ahead and plunge into the world of entrepreneurial ship or any other thing for that matter. And I have increasingly realized over the course of years (mostly recently) that in order to do something you should not rely on other people since you will find more opposition to your idea or venture than in support. In fact you will be finding that some of your closest people are in fact your biggest hindrance in achieving your dream. You can rely on them but only minutely since most of the people will give you millions of reason not to do something or start a business just because they have not done it or they believe you cannot do it. But increasingly I am hearing now that the successful people are saying that Just do it. Go ahead and plunge into making your dream a reality and even if you become a failure, at least you will learn something from it to better handle your next venture. Instead of listening to your friends and family that you cannot do it or it is very risk, just start doing it because unless you don’t do it on your own or try it at least on your own, you would never know if you had it in you to succeed. Maybe then you can prove your success to your sincere opposition that you had it in you to be more successful than if you have not tried and if you fail then it is just a tumble along the way to success.

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